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The Harem is a boutique play party where you can fulfil your deepest erotic desires and explore your kinky curiosities. 

It is the nexus between the kink, swingers and tantra communities. We take the sex-positivity of the swingers lifestyle, the practices and tools of the kink community and mix it with the self awareness and exploration of tantra. The is the recipe for The Harem. A house of Eros, a den of vice and a palace of sacred sin.

The age range of participants is 25 - 45, with exceptions made for the particularly exceptional. 

Numbers are intentionally capped at 20-25 participants and the there is a higher number of women to men. This event is created with the female gaze in mind.  In stark contrast to most other events in the sexuality space. By design, by decor, and by numbers this is a femme-centred event. 


The Harem is an un-facilitated play party. However, In addition to your hosts, our Pleasure Ushers are on call at all times to support you. All of your hosts are trauma-informed and consent-literate. Consent and boundaries are sacred at The Harem. 



Luscious botanical cocktails served throughout the night by our very own gorgeous in-house bartender. BYO also welcome. 



$90 single 

$160 couple (FF and MF)



Sexy AF - think burlesque, kink, leather and lace. This is you invitation to really go to town!



The Harem is my personal boudoir of BDSM and Burlesque, and is located in the heart of the Surfers Paradise. A five-star apartment perched high up in the cityscape with sweeping views. The perfect place for our hedonistic gathering of sexy sinners. 

The address will sent upon approval. 



Please arrive between 7.30pm and 8.15pm (QLD) 

We have a 45 min arrival window. This is intentional. We prefer not to have people arriving late and interrupting the play. 

One of our Pleasure Ushers will be downstairs to greet you and escort you to The Harem, where your welcome cocktail will be waiting for you. 




  • Enthusiastic consent is a must for all types of play. If it’s not a full-body FUCK YES, then it’s a NO. Anyone found to be not respecting this agreement will be immediately asked to leave. 


  • What happens at The Harem, stays at The Harem. We all lead full lives and this curated play space is designed for us to be able to leave our primary personas at the door. Come into the space and feel safe that your privacy will be respected. To this end, there is absolutely NO PHOTOGRAPHY of any kind allowed at The Harem. 

Self Responsibility

  • This is an adult play party and although your hosts are there to support you, you are required to be the advocate for your own needs and boundaries. 


  • You are required to drink responsibly and anyone found to be excessively intoxicated, will be immediately asked to leave. 

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