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the women's temple

About Kink

kink is not a dirty word

Why is kink used as a healing modality

where it comes from

sacred sexuality



why we do this

reclaiming pleasure

deep feminine

heart based

Welcome to the Red Temple.

A place for women to come together to explore their deepest desires and kinky curiosities in a safe temple space.

Together we will explore embodiment, consent, boundaries and desires through conscious kink and somatic sensuality.

The evening is open to women and all femme-identifying folk.


Embodiment practices, exploration of authentic consent, desires and boundaries through connection games.

There will an opportunity to experience and kink and sensory play with blindfolds, feathers, ropes and spanking toys.

Throughout the evening you will be guided and held by your facilitators who will always encourage you to feel into your authentic desires and boundaries without any pressure.

This is an opportunity to explore your curiosities and reconnect with your sacred sensual self in a judgement-free women's only space.


Daniela Grace is a certified Counsellor and trained Somatic Psychotherapist working with couples and individuals in a sex and kink-positive, gender-affirming, body-inclusive approach. She has spent many years exploring neo-tantra, conscious kink and sacred sexuality.

Deborah Wolf is a Shamanic Healer, Ancestral walker & trauma-informed Somatic practitioner, well versed in the world of sacred kink, ritual and body wisdom. Deborah offers grounded, nurturing and deeply magikal sessions guiding people to dance with their shadow in a compassionate and loving space.

Kink can be beautiful and healing if held correctly.

Dani and I have the most epic conversations about this topic, it involves wine, chocolate and having Soul opening realisations about the tabooest of taboos..

Last night, we spoke about dominance and submission.

That in a person’s submission- they really need to feel safe and held by the dominant, otherwise they can’t submit.

That if in this dynamic the ‘dominant’ or leader is not strong, does not hold safe space for you to truely submit and unravel - that it can cause a contraction in the submissive, teaching them that they are not actually safe to open up.

How many of us can relate to this and say that we have not truly been held by our partners?

And how many of us realise that we are not really holding ourselves?

And I can tell you, with full clarity that once you find your inner dom, the nurturing part of you, that can hold epic space, and makes it their job to not only please, but to also protect..

That reads the subtleties of your body and cares about your yes’s and your no’s..

.. That it can be a life changing experience and an energy that you carry out into the world.

It helps you stand your ground, and can be done softly if integrated well.

The same goes for the submissive, when they learn its safe to say ‘no’ and feel when its a real ‘yes’ in their own body - they can learn to do this while relating in the world.

They learn to open up and feel safe to receive.

We teach people in a heart-led way - where they get to experience and explore these sides of them in a safe space.

For us this is about healing as much as it is about fun.

We have a women’s temple night coming up this Friday, October 13th and we’d love you to be apart of this community we’re creating.

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